Let’s start with some thanks.

It’s been three months since I decided to go with my gut feelings and start SewSyracuse. It’s been exciting to get the business off the ground, learning as I go to make a hobby/craft into something a bit more profitable. Working as JoAnn’s Education Coodinator for the last two and a half years helped me to see the business end of the sewing world. It was clear that people wanted to learn to sew and repeatedly asked for one on one clastses. They also wanted someone to do the sewing for them. I got the message.

I need to thank Kathryn of SewHampton for her encouragement. I saw her facebook page and it inspired me to go for it. (Notice the similarity in the names? I discovered that there are several  Sew”this” and Sew”that” out there too.)   Although we have never met, I know she shares my passion for wanting to pass on the love of being creative with fabric and thread.

I’m grateful for my family and friends who have been so encouraging from the start. Thank you for spreading the word and bringing me work!

So check back often. I’ll be posting ideas and tips weekly that I hope you will find interesting and even helpful.


2 thoughts on “Let’s start with some thanks.

  1. LJ

    very nice. You are a hard working woman doing what is a passion of yours. Starting at age 9 was a perfect age to begin. Sewing is very rewarding. LJ

  2. Christiana

    Hi Laurie,
    I’m a novice in sewing but I’m very interested in learning how to sew. I’m not that creative.
    I can be reached at: 315-446-5790


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