Sew, Who Should Learn How to Sew?

My answer to that would be, "Who shouldn't learn how to sew?"  We all wear clothes. Right?  Do your pants or sleeves need hemming?  Did you rip out that seam?  Are the buttons loose on that new jacket?  Have you had to ask your MOTHER to fix those things for you?  Or better yet, have you PAID someone to fix those problems? (Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy to help you out) That is the practical reason to learn the sewing basics, being self sufficient.

Are you a creative person?  Sewing offers you the opportunity to search out fabrics and create one of a kind projects for your wardrobe, your home or to give as gifts that are more personal,   Have you priced pillows lately?  It could become a satisfying buisness or just a great hobby!

What will learning to sew give you or your child?

  • An independent life skill
  • Increased self esteem
  • Increased patience
  • Problem solving skills
  • A creative outlet

Anyone can learn to sew by hand.  Anyone can learn to use a sewing machine.  I'll be happy to help you. Put a SewSyracuse gift certificate on your wish list and we can get started!


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1 thought on “Sew, Who Should Learn How to Sew?

  1. Kateri Simmons

    I am interested in giving my sister a Sewing Class gift certificate. If I purchase a certificate can she call you with the time and date? I will probably want to do it with her. You published a price for a small group ( 2-3 People)for 2 hrs. $30.00 each? Where are you located in Syracuse? Thanks for responding to this inquiry.


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